Electric car charging with Plugsurfing

Europe-wide charging service on all electric models

Volvo fährt über eine Brücke

Volvo Cars and Plugsurfing have partnered to offer you the key to one of Europe’s largest charging networks.

200,000+ charging pointsOne accountTransparent payments
With more than 200,000 charging points across 38 European countries, Plugsurfing has you covered, from your daily commute to long-distance drives across borders.You won’t need to juggle multiple provider accounts and apps. The streamlined Plugsurfing app and charging key let you charge your Volvo with ease at the charging points of all major Plugsurfing operators.Plugsurfing does not lock you into a subscription. You only pay for the charging you use, and get invoiced on a monthly basis. For further information on pricing and applicable terms and conditions, please visit www.plugsurfing.com.


Weisser Volvo XC40 Recharge beim Aufladen

Get Plugsurfing with your pure electric Volvo

A Plugsurfing account will be included with every pure electric Volvo Recharge model in Europe, giving you access to one of Europe’s largest and most-up-to-date charging networks.

Start charging sooner with simple set-up and support

When you purchase a pure electric Volvo Recharge model, you’ll receive a Plugsurfing welcome package, including a unique Plugsurfing charging key. We’ll help you get started with setting up your account, finding charging points via your car’s Android infotainment system and using your Plugsurfing app and charging key.

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Get the Plugsurfing app

Available on iOS and Android.

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What would you like to know about Plugsurfing?

What is Plugsurfing?

Plugsurfing is the world's leading electric vehicle (EV ) charging network with over 117 300 publicly accessible charging stations. It develops, manufactures and maintains all of the network's technology, from charging station hardware to power management software and mobile app.

What are the benefits of having a Plugsurfing account?

A Plugsurfing account gives you easy and fast access to the world's largest charging network with over 117 300 charging stations and thousands more from roaming partners Evgo and FLO. With a Plugsurfing account, you can find a charging station anywhere you can charge your vehicle. You will receive updates on the charging status of your vehicle via the notification and reminder function or you can put your name on a waiting list.

Where can I charge my EV?

You can charge your EV at any publicly accessible charging station on the Plugsurfing network, including our roaming partner networks EVgo and FLO. The Plugsurfing app makes it easy to find a charging station near you when you're on the move - thanks to multiple charging networks. In addition, your XC40 Recharge's navigation system automatically displays possible charging points - for smart route planning.