Protects what matters to you.

The Volvo V60.


The estate for a new generation of families.

Families have never been as different and diverse as they are today. But there’s one thing that we all have in common: nothing is more important to us than protecting the people who mean the most to us. And that’s exactly why the Volvo V60 was developed. Its many innovative safety technologies make it one of the safest vehicles on the planet. And with one of the biggest boots in its class, its intuitive Sensus operating system with integrated WLAN hotspot and its highly efficient Drive-E engines, it’s the perfect vehicle for the modern family.

Mass-produced safety.

In our Volvo V60, safety is mass-produced. That’s why it’s fitted with our automatic City Safety emergency braking system. It’s the only system on the market that recognizes vehicles, motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals, so that it can intervene suddenly with assisted steering or emergency braking.


Networked, always and everywhere.

Volvo On Call has an integrated WLAN hotspot to make sure your family and friends always stay networked when they’re on the road. And the Volvo On Call app also lets you access your vehicle from anywhere, at any time. You can simply send your car the route to your next destination from your smartphone. The Volvo On Call app also provides you with a digital ignition key, which enables you to give friends and family easy access to your car.


A neat appearance.

The Volvo V60 already meets the stringent Euro 6d-TEMP norm, regardless of engine versions. That minimizes your risk of being affected by future driving restrictions. And from the end of 2018 our new estate car will be available with two twin-engine power plants with plug-in hybrid technology, cutting emissions to zero when they operate in the purely electrical mode.


More room for your life.

The V60 offers significantly more interior space than its predecessor, and the biggest boot in its segment.


Flexible working model.

The Volvo V60 offers you and your employees everything you need to work efficiently and flexibly while you’re on the go. This is ensured by one of the largest luggage racks in its class with plenty of space for every project. At the same time, Volvo On Call supports you with an built-in tachograph and intelligent connectivity solutions to help you make the most of your fleet. In the same mode the highly efficient Drive-E engines are not only good for your CO2 balance, but also for your finances.