"You can't live at all, unless you can live fully. Now."



„You can't live at all, unless you can live fully. Now.“ – What Alan Watts described in his speech is the need to simply break out of daily routine. Let business be business and take a little time off.

Everyone is free to choose how to take this time out. But with the Volvo V90 CROSS COUNTRY, there is nothing left in the way of how to achieve it. No matter how adverse roads and weather conditions may be, or what one wants to take along for this journey.

So simply take some time off. Start now by configuring your Volvo V90 CROSS COUNTRY.


Alan Watts was an English philosopher of the twentieth century who was also a priest, lecturer and writer. He dealt primarily with the philosophy of Maoism, Zen, and Buddhism.
Jorge's Story

Enjoy the sea. Live more.

Actually, surfing is about the moment: the moment you take-off on the perfect wave. But not for Jorge.
For the company boss every moment he spends with his daughter Anna at the seaside and on the water counts. What's more, the journey to the sea is a time-out for the two of them - their personal quality time. Maybe because they are on the road in the Volvo V90 CROSS COUNTRY. Due to its increased ground clearance, it provides a soothing feeling on every terrain, so that you can be on your own.

Load carrier
Jorge knows that his surfboards are securely anchored on the Highline load carrier on the roof. So he has his head free and can devote himself entirely to his little time out - and his little ones.
Familiy package
His daughter's safety is always Jorge's main concern. That is why the Volvo family package with extra occupant protection for children is a must for him.
Mika's Story

The road less travelled is the goal.

For Mika, freedom has always meant riding his bike, taking off and feeling the wind on his face.
This is the only way for the bank employee to leave his every day office life behind. However, in the city there's usually too much going on, to enjoy the ride. That's why Mika simply switches from two to four wheels on the weekend: the Volvo V90 CROSS COUNTRY with all-wheel drive brings him easily to remote places.

Bike carrier
When riding bicycles, Mika insists on safety. Of course the same goes for transporting his bike. The Volvo bicycle carrier is clamped to the frame and to both wheels so that it is safe and stable even in an emergency.
Drive mode
When Mika is riding a bicycle, he adapts his driving style to any terrain. Just like in the Volvo V90 CROSS COUNTRY. Thanks to Drive mode, he can choose between several driving modes: Comfort, Eco, Dynamic and Individual.
Carla's Story

Refuel without petrol station.

Carla is a professional designer and a city dweller through and through.
She loves the hustle and bustle, the pulsating life. Just like getting a break from time to time. Then she grabs her reflex camera, prepares her kayak and drives with the Volvo V90 CROSS COUNTRY over serpentines to a remote river. Thanks to the standard downhill support system this poses no problem at all. Down on the water, she refuels new energy and takes in a lot of impressions that she uses for her job.

Kayak carrier
Carla is perfectly satisfied with her kayak carrier. Which is more than she can say about her kayak. She's planning on getting a new one soon. Great that the carrier can be adjusted with only a few handgrips. It also protects the new boat from scratches due to its rubber coating.
Luggage package
The luggage compartment package including Keyless Drive and sensor-controlled tailgate offers the utmost in comfort. And on the road, not only does Carla have a secure place, but owing to the luggage compartment separation system and the carrier bag fastening system, everything that it contains is also safe.
Tian's Story

Take a break and go fishin'

Tian works as a successful sales representative for an electronics manufacturer. His ideal work-life balance: fishing.
Even the preparation is relaxing. Before Tian goes out to the lake every Sunday in the Volvo V90 CROSS COUNTRY, he has his own personal program to shut down: Early in the morning he prepares his fishing bait, lubricates the coils, packs his rods and quivers and stows everything in the spacious trunk. Then it's out of the city with the general direction "time off" - all underlined by classical music via Apple CarPlay.

Cargo security net
Tian ​​not only catches his fish with a net, but also his fishing equipment: a flexible cargo securing net prevents loose goods from sliding in the luggage compartment.
Panorama roof
On his way to fishing, Tian already experiences a wonderful feeling of liberation, courtesy of the huge panorama roof in his Volvo V90 CROSS COUNTRY.

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