The new Volvo V60 Momentum

Starting from CHF 45'600.-

The new Volvo V60 Momentum - starting at just CHF 295.- / month

The new Volvo V60 is a versatile family station wagon that lets you get the most out of every moment. Modern suspension, powerful engines and the choice of different drive modes offer you an exciting driving experience.


From CHF 45,600


Length: 4761 mm, width: 1850 mm, height: 1427 mm


110-288 kW (150-390 hp), depending on the engine


2.0 - 7.61l / 100 km (combined), depending on engine

Benefit from the free IntellSafe Pro Pack and 1.9% Leasing

Now from CHF 4'600.- Price advantage +
free IntelliSafe Pro Pack worth CHF 2000.-

With the IntelliSafe Pro Pack, the new Volvo V60 offers even more safety and comfort: Includes Pilot Assist for assisted driving at speeds of up to 130 km / h and IntelliSafe Surround, which analyzes the traffic around you with numerous assistance systems and provides support when needed. This limited offer is valid until 15.04.2019.

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IntelliSafe Surround

IntelliSafe Surround includes supportive technologies that allow you to enjoy even better lookout around your car and safer driving in conditions with restricted visibility, such as crossings and parking lots. It also helps reduce the risk of a rear collision and can even apply the brakes for an oncoming vehicle in your lane to help mitigate a collision. BLIS™ supports when you have to change lanes in busy traffic by alerting you of vehicles in your left and right blind spots. Cross Traffic Alert facilitates reversing by spotting crossing vehicles and braking if necessary. Rear Collision Warning can alert fast-approaching vehicles if they drive too close and a collision is imminent. If a collision can’t be avoided, the front safety belts will be tensioned to help keep passengers in a correct position. And if a vehicle heads straight towards your car on the wrong side of the road and a collision can’t be avoided, Oncoming Mitigation by Braking can brake your car automatically to help reduce the effects of an impact.

Pilot Assist

For smoother driving from standstill up to motorway speeds, Pilot Assist assisted drive supplements Adaptive Cruise Control by adding gentle steering support to help keep the car centred in its lane and at a set speed. And if there's a vehicle in front of you, it can adapt your speed to help keep a set distance. Active up to 130 km/h, Pilot Assist steering support can facilitate driving in stop and go traffic as well as driving on the motorway. If you don't keep a hand on the steering wheel, Pilot Assist is automatically switched off. Pilot Assist is part of IntelliSafe Assist.
Please note: The driver is always responsible for how the car is controlled as well as for maintaining the correct distance and speed, even when Pilot Assist is being used. Assisting systems, such as Pilot Assist, are restricted in how much acceleration, braking and steering force they can apply.

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Example: Volvo V60 D3 FWD Momentum MT 150 HP / 110 kW. Catalog price CHF 52'220.- minus 5% agility bonus, sales premium CHF 2'000.- and IntelliSafe Pro Pack CHF 2'000.- = CHF 45'609.-. Monthly rate CHF 295.-. Leasing Volvo Car Financial Services (BANK-now AG): 1. Large leasing rate 23%, 48 months, 10 000 km / year. Nominal interest 1.9%, effective interest 1.92%. Residual value in accordance with the guidelines of Volvo Car Financial Services (BANK-now AG). Compulsory comprehensive insurance not included. Lending is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness of the consumer (Article 3 UWG). Offer valid until further notice, only from participating dealerships. Total fuel consumption (according to Directive 1999/100 / EU): 4.4 l / 100 km, petrol equivalent: 5.0 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions: 117 g / km (137 g / km: average of all new models sold), CO2 emissions from fuel / electricity production: 20 g / km. Energy efficiency category: A. Volvo Swiss Premium® Free service up to 10 years / 150 000 kilometers, factory warranty up to 5 years / 150 000 kilometers and wear repairs up to 3 years / 150 000 kilometers (whichever is first achieved). Illustrated model may include options for an additional charge.