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Special package «Health-Check»

"Health-Check" package for vehicle disinfection

Our special offer for thorough vehicle cleaning and disinfection of interior surfaces, including air conditioning, is designed to give you the freshness of a summer morning. It’s also the greatest possible safety feature in connection with the corona virus.


As part of a comprehensive disinfection we carry out the following work on your Volvo:

  • Vacuum cleaning of the interior
  • Cleaning of all windows inside and outside
  • Disinfection of the vehicle interior, in particular all operating elements
  • Disinfection of the air conditioning system
  • Washing of the vehicle’s exterior

Before returning the vehicle, we also make sure that the vehicle keys, door handles, interior handles, steering wheel, gear lever and fuel tank cap are disinfected.

CHF 189.– | All disinfectants are included.

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