Volvo V40

Small, with tons of character

Designed to delight you every day, the V40 gives you inspirational handing for a trip around town or a weekend away.

Volvo V40

Handles like a dream

Every detail in the V40 is optimally tuned for sporty, well-balanced handling, with a high level of comfort. With sophisticated suspension and sharp steering, complete with our new Drive-E engines that give you the same power from a four-cylinder engine as that of a six or eight - but with less fuel.


Did you know the Volvo logo is the symbol for iron? To reflect our strength and resolve.

What the experts say

Der Rheintaler

„The Volvo V40 is equipped with a pedestrian airbag as standard and is the first and so far only vehicle in the world to have this pedestrian safety feature.“

Automobil Revue

„Even though it is not an uncommon sight on the roads, this technology helps it stand out from the crowd.“

Bote der Urschweiz

„The expressive exterior design of the Volvo V40 immediately impresses. The elegant Swede is a genuine eyecatcher.“