Volvo Car Rent

The flexible and uncomplicated mobility solution from Volvo

Supervision of several Volvo XC40

If you’d like to drive a Volvo for a longer period of time, but buying or leasing are not an option, Volvo Car Rent is the perfect choice for you.

Volvo Car Rent is recommended for start-ups or expats who need a quick and easy mobility solution. It’s also suited for companies with an occasional need for more fleet vehicles. Protracted credit checks are a thing of the past. All you need to drive one or more models with Volvo Car Rent is a valid credit card. With Volvo Car Rent you’ll rent your preferred model from Volvo at attractive terms for exactly as long as you want.

Try renting a Plug-in

Test how electric mobility fits into your life. With Volvo Car Rent.

Volvo XC40 Recharge

Your benefits at a glance

View of lined up Volvo plug-in hybrid models
  • No minimum term
  • Flexible rental ( 1-12 months*)
  • Straightforward leasing (credit card is sufficient)
  • New models (on average age of 5 months )
  • Always perfectly maintained and equipped according to season
  • Pick up and drop in all of Switzerland (50 Hertz stations)
  • On request shipping to your preferred address
  • Model Warranty (You get exactly the Volvo you choose)
  • Attractive rates (all-inclusive)
  • No additional costs except fuel

* Shorter or longer rental period on request