Volvo Selekt Premium Used Cars

How about a used car that feels like new?

Volvo Selekt offers you so much more than a certified premium used car with warranty. Our comprehensive value promise offers a comparable new car alternative that includes the greatest safety and quality.

In short: Young. Tested. Safe.

It’s a Volvo seal of approval based on the highest Swedish standards that you can rely on when buying a used car. A Volvo Selekt is always less than 5 years old and has a maximum mileage of 150,000 km.

Volvo Select benefits





• VOLVO ASSISTANCE - covered throughout Europe - optional VOLVO CAR
INSURANCE (vehicle insurance).

The Volvo Selekt quality promise

With our Volvo Selekt quality promise, we want to give you as much peace of mind as possible when buying a used car. Because if you drive a used car, it should be a Volvo. Here's an overview of the reasons why:


Among our Volvo Selekt vehicles, you won't find a single one that is more than 5 years old or has a mileage higher than a maximum of 150 000 km. This means that used Volvos have remained "young" in every respect.


Volvo Selekt cars enjoy such a good reputation because they are subject to

Volvo's high standards. Before you can get this quality seal, they have to pass a 100-point quality check. This means that they are considered to have been

"inspected" at the very best.


When you choose a Volvo Selekt car, you're on the safe side. That's why there's an exclusive exchange option up to 30 days or 1500 km mileage*. So your used car purchase will be "safe" like never before.

Volvo Select used car exchange

Now it's up to you:

Determine the points that are important to you and discover all the used Volvo models that suit your needs. Once one of our Volvo used cars has piqued your interest, you can email us, contact us by phone or drop by directly for a visit.

Volvo | Selekt

The Volvo Selekt value proposition in practice.

Discover the many different components that make up our Volvo Selekt value proposition - and which you can later rely on in practice. We promise: Even if your Volvo is used, you'll love it from day one and it's the best alternative to a new Volvo.

Warranty and services**

When you purchase your Volvo Selekt vehicle, you receive up to 5 years or 150,000 km warranty (Volvo Swiss Premium), up to 10 years or 150,000 km free service and up to 3 years or 150,000 km wear and tear repairs. If required, there is also the option of extending the Volvo Selekt warranty for either the 6th year or the 6th + 7th year (Swiss Premium Longlife). This complete warranty covers

almost all technical components of the vehicle.

100-point quality check

If you drive a used car, it should be a Volvo. With our Volvo Selekt quality

promise, we want to give you as much peace of mind as possible when buying a used car. Before a used Volvo becomes a Volvo Selekt vehicle, it goes through a 100-point quality check, including a meticulous inspection up to the original

register entry at the factory. The vehicle is then updated to the latest technolo-gy, which involves updating the respective engine management software.

Seamless service history with genuine Volvo spare parts

When it comes to selling cars, we like to be guided by core Swedish values - in this specific case, trust is the foundation of our work. That's why it's a top prio-rity for us to know our used Volvo cars inside out. Because only when our Volvo used cars have a complete service history and are equipped only with original Volvo spare parts do they achieve the status of a Volvo Select model.

Volvo Assistance - covered throughout Europe

With Volvo Assistance, all eventualities are covered: from a flat tyre to an acci-dent. Because whether you're at the side of the road or stuck at home, our

breakdown and recovery service is available 24 hours a day, all over Europe. So with Volvo Assistance, you can rest assured that you'll always get to your desti-nation.

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30-day exchange option

We want you to be happy with your Volvo Selekt used car. That's why we give you an additional 30-day exchange option. So if you're not satisfied with your used Volvo within 30 days or up to 1500 km mileage*, your Volvo dealer will exchange the car for another model of your choice from their Volvo Selekt in-ventory ***.

Volvo Swiss Premium®

•- up to 10 years or 150'000 km free service**

• up to 5 years or 150'000 km full warranty**

• Swiss Premium Longlife - Warranty extension for the 6th or 6th + 7th year**

• Up to 3 years or up to 150'000 km wear and tear repairs**

• VOLVO ASSISTANCE - covered throughout Europe**

The most popular Volvo Selekt used cars

Get to know - and love - the most popular models of our Volvo Selekt used cars: the Volvo XC40, Volvo XC60 and Volvo XC90. But even if you're interested in another Volvo used car, such as the Volvo V60, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our Volvo used car exchange. Here you can see the Volvo model overview:

Volvo Car Insurance

Opt for proven security. To ensure that you can always remain calm in the event of an insurance claim, we recommend Volvo Car Insurance: this solution can be individually tailored to you and your vehicle and, in addition to insurance cover, also offers you outstanding service and attractive special benefits.

*With the exchange option, we offer you the possibility of exchanging your vehicle for a used vehicle of equal value or (if you assume the added value) for a used vehicle of higher value.

**First-come, first-served applies, valid from first registration. Excluded from the Volvo Swiss Premium® benefits are any kind of operating supplies and fluids, tyres, replacement car, repair due to accident, vandalism, third party or external influence, repair of glass parts and interior (wear and tear of upholstery and interior fittings), repair of consequential damage due to improper or overstressed use of the vehicle (e.g. motor sport competitions), parts required for exhaust maintenance as well as damage and incidents resulting from non-compliance with the operating instructions. A separate contract provides information on the details of the service and warranty benefits. Contact an official Volvo representative for further information.

***The right of exchange is reserved exclusively for cash purchases of the vehicle and cannot be applied to third-party services, such as leasing (however, the 14-day right of withdrawal in the case of leasing in accordance with the KKG remains in force in all cases).