Volvo Car Full Service Leasing

The most carefree form of mobility

Woman is standing at an open door of a white Volvo XC90

Individual fleet solutions for your company

Mobility is complex. Every company, every vehicle fleet is unique. With Volvo Car Full Service Leasing, you are the focus of our activities. With attention to detail and tailor-made solutions, we want to make your work day easier. Volvo Car Full Service Leasing adapts to your needs: from buying and financing your fleet through vehicle-related services such as technology, tires or insurance to billing. You decide whether you want to outsource all operational activities around your fleet or only individual parts of it. The individually combinable service modules offer you the greatest possible flexibility. Your vehicle fleet from Volvo Car Full service leasing: A partnership that works for you from the very first vehicle, whe-ther it is a single, medium or large company.

Woman leans against a wall next to a white Volvo XC90

Our concern - your safety

Volvo vehicles have always stood for safety. We would like to offer you this security in every aspect of your collaboration with Volvo Car Full Service Leasing. With a monthly fixed rate that guarantees absolute planning security. Large ex-penditures, tied capital, limited flexibility and the marketing risk when the vehic-les are sold are thus a thing of the past.

Rear view of a white Volvo XC90
Man stands in front of a door and looks at a white Volvo XC90

Our offer - flexible & made for the individual

With our efficient Volvo models, you and your employees are safely on the road. Innovative technologies coupled with Scandinavian design offer a sense of freedom. A sense that we want to provide to you every day with flexible, combinable service modules. That is why at Volvo Car Full Service Leasing, you can hand over all the fleet activities to us, or you can tailor individual services for your company. You will receive a tailor-made package which exactly meets your needs.

Our service - your advantages

Operating Leasing

With Operating Leasing of Volvo Car Full Service Leasing, you pay a contractually agreed monthly leasing rate based on the defined maturity and mileage. All risks are covered by Volvo Car Full Service Leasing.

Woman leans against a wall next to a white Volvo XC90
Volvo employees with customers in the workshop

Technology service

With the Volvo Car Full Service Leasing Service Card you can use cashless mainte-nance services and wear repairs in authorized Volvo dealerships.


  • All-in rates with no hidden charges
  • Cashless handling with Volvo Car Full Service
  • Leasing Service Card
  • No repair or price risk
  • Technical and commercial control

Tire service

Depending on running time and mileage, the tire service covers summer, winter tires, rims and ancillary costs.


  • All-in rates
  • Cash-free processing with the Volvo Car Full Service Leasing Service Card
  • Full Service Leasing Service Card
  • Tire replacement including wheels
  • Tire-related services
Volvo employee looks at a rim
Man is standing in front of a wall

Tank Card Service

Volvo Car Full Service Leasing provides fuel cards for the non-cash purchase of fuel and many other vehicle-related services (such as lubricants, vehicle cleaning, vignette, antifreeze, etc.). The complete administration is handled by Volvo Car Full Service Leasing for you.


  • Convenient cashless processing
  • Administrative relief
  • Excellent coverage
  • Uniform accounting
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • International acceptance as required

Road Assistance

Volvo Car Full-Service Lease Road Assistance takes care of the rapid restoration of your mobility in the event of an accident, theft or breakdown. In any case, you will always receive competent help, Europe-wide.


  • Quick mobility
  • Toll-free number (0800 222 226)
  • Availability throughout Europe, 24/7
  • Car rental, overnight accommodation, towing, rescue, return transport and dis-patch of spare parts
  • Reduced internal administration
Rear view of a black Volvo XC90 with the trunk open
White Volvo XC90 in front of a jetty with two people


With the Volvo Car Full Sevice Leasing insurance you get a comprehensive, indivi-dual insurance solution in cooperation with well-known insurance companies. Retentions and coverings are tailored to your needs.


  • Complete offers from liability, hardship to parking damage insurance
  • Joint billing on monthly account
  • Policy management
  • Free damage management

Damage management

With the Volvo Car Full Service Leasing Damage Management, you do not need to worry about the claims processing. We take care of this - from the receipt of the Damage report up to the repair at the respective contract partners. The module is the ideal complement to a tailor-made insurance solution.


  • Professional damage handling
  • Appointment of experts
  • Organization of a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair (if contracted)
  • Cash-free processing, billing via Volvo Car Full Service Leasing
Volvo customer next to a white Volvo XC40 with a black roof

Vehicle return and evaluation

At the end of the agreed service life, Volvo Car Full Service Leasing will take back your vehicle. And just so there is no danger of a surprise, the return process is regulated and documented. On the basis of the criteria given, an independent expert assesses the vehicle condition. This differs according to the usage pat-terns and damages which are to be remedied at the expense of the lessee. This gives you the guarantee for a qualified and correct assessment. If a repair is re-quired, this is as favorable as possible. Instead of requesting a new condition of the affected parts, Volvo Car Full Service Leasing is satisfied with a condition as specified. In concrete terms, this means: Before replacing parts, the expert checks whether a repair is more favorable for you. For example, we prefer modern smart repair methods. This protects your budget and strengthens our partnership.

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Volvo Swiss Premium®

10 years / 150,000 km warranty service and 5 year full warranty
Free service up to 150 000 km or 10 years
Volvo Swiss Premium® will cover the cost of Volvo's interval maintenance, as spe-cified in the Volvo Service Manual, including the original Volvo service parts.

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