Safety innovations in the Volvo EX90

What if feeling safe can make you feel truly free?

We are the pioneers in protecting people.

For over 95 years, our research and innovations have saved a million lives, and we are working on a million more.

In 2007, we set our safety vision – no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car. We have yet to realise this, but we now know why. Focusing on innovations that understand what’s outside the car isn’t enough. We also need to better understand you, the driver inside.

So we’re stepping into a new era – for safety and for Volvo Cars – where our ambition isn’t just to protect your life. It's to help you live your best life.

Because when you feel safe, you can be truly free.


Safety innovations for a new era. Coming in the Volvo EX90.

lidar and exterior sensing

Coupled with radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors, the advanced lidar system gives you a 360° understanding of the road around you.

Occupant sensing

The new occupant sensing system is designed to help prevent anyone from being inadvertently left behind in a potentially dangerous situation.

Driver understanding

The two-camera driver understanding system can understand if you’re drowsy or distracted and when the car might need to step in and help.


Help us understand how life affects your drive.


Does heartbreak affect your braking distance?

Heartbreak. We’ve all been there unfortunately. But does it impact your driving? Does it slow you down? Or speed you up? We’re curious to know. Help us further understand how life affects your drive by answering a question or two.

Can love steer you wrong?

First love, first kiss, first argument. Love can distract the best of us. But does it impact your driving? We’re curious to know. Help us further understand how life affects your drive by answering a question or two.

Is joy a safety hazard?

When the thrill of life’s adventures distracts you, our Safe Space Technology knows when to step in and support. To bring your focus back onto the road, to help you stay calm and in control. But there is more to learn about driver behaviour. Help us further understand how life affects your drive by answering a question or two.


Feeling safe sets us free.


Liu Cuiqing, Paralympic champion

You’re braced against the starting blocks, crouched down, ready to go. The crowd is hushed. ‘Get set!’ Head raised, eyes forward, but all you see is darkness. Would you feel safe sprinting your heart out into the void?

Seinabo Sey, Musician

There you are on an empty stage, mic in hand, lights beaming down. You take a deep breath and open your heart to a sea of faces. Would you feel safe being that vulnerable? 

Sky Brown, Skateboarder

Imagine you’re standing on the edge of the half pipe. Thousands of eyes on you. Everyone is waiting for you to drop in. Are your knee pads and helmet enough to make you feel safe carrying the weight of the world?

Meet the Volvo EX90. Our new, fully electric SUV.

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