Volvo Assistance

It's great when you can rely on your partner

All over the world Volvo is synonymous with safety and reliability. But whatever happens if your Volvo, not true to form, fails to perform? No worries - we're here for you! In case your vehicle breaks down we're there in word and deed and guarantee quick support: 365 days, 24/7 in almost every European country. A simple call to Volvo Assistance suffices and we're there to help, so you'll be mobile in no time at all.

Hotline in case of breakdown: 0844 300 100

Volvo Assistance

During the first 3 years (without a limit on mileage) for vehicles up to model year 2010, or during the first 5 years (without a limit on mileage) for vehicles from model year 2011 onwards, Volvo Assistance offers a Europe-wide and free mobility protection. If you should ever encounter an uncomfortable situation with your Volvo due to a breakdown, an accident, theft, vandalism, fire or on account of a defective safety component, Volvo Assistance supports you quickly and straightforward. We will inform you on all details of Volvo Assistance services.

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