Volvo Swiss Premium®

Volvo Swiss Premium®

10 years / 150 000 KM free service 5 years full warranty

Free service

Free service up to 150 000 km or 10 years*

Volvo Swiss Premium® covers the cost of your Volvo interval service according to your full Volvo service history. This includes original Volvo service parts.

Man in front of a gray Volvo XC90


Up to 150 000 km or 5 years*

This exclusive, top-to-bottom service and guarantee package for Volvo new car customers includes the following benefits:

  • All repairs incurred through the proper use of your Volvo, including Volvo origi-nal parts according to the Volvo service history.
  • Volvo Original Accessories (with the exception of gift articles), which were in-tegrated by a Volvo dealer within one month or 1500 km

Two Volvo employees in the workshop with different Volvo models

Wear and tear repairs

Up to 150 000 km or within 3 years*

Volvo Swiss Premium® covers the cost of all wear and tear repairs up to 3 years or up to 150 000 kilometers, as the case may be.*

Volvo employee repairs a gray Volvo XC90

Volvo Assistance

Stay safe on the move

Volvo offers Europe-wide free mobility within the first 5 years (without mileage restrictions). Your Volvo dealer will inform you about all Volvo benefit packages in detail.

Volvo employees talking to customer
Driver's area interior view of a Volvo

Swiss Premium Longlife

Warranty extension for the 6th and 6th+7th year

You profit from the following benefits:
• Long-term protection from unexpected repair costs without excess
• High resale value due to transferability of guarantee services
• Use of Volvo original parts by competent staff

Quick and flexible transaction
Your Volvo dealer offers an extensive coverage in case of repair and incurs total work and material costs.

Extensive coverage:
Swiss Premium Longlife is one of the most extensive guarantees on the market and covers nearly all mechanical and electronic components for up to 24 months, regardless of mileage.

* Whichever is the former is valid.
Excluded from Volvo Swiss Premium® benefits are all kinds of operating resources, wheels and tires, courtesy vehicles, repairs due to accidents, vandalism, third party influence, glas repairs and interior wear (wear of upholstery and interior), repairs due to subsequent damage on account of improper handling or overstressed use of the vehicle (i.e. motorsport use), required parts for exhaust repairs, as well as damages and events, which are incurred due to nonobservance of operating instructions.

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