Protect your Volvo with tailor-made protective films.
Door handle recesses | Door entry | Bumper | Headlights | Door edges

Volvo has developed tailor-made protective films that protect vulnerable areas such as the rear bumper, door handle recesses, door entrances and headlights from damage and wear. Repairs can thus be easily avoided. In addition, the as-new appearance can be preserved over a long period of time and thus the value of the vehicle.

Now available individually or as a package:

Protect Essential CHF 168.-
• Door handle recesses 2x
• Bumper

Protect Plus CHF 393.-
• Door handle recesses 4x - Bumper
• Door handle recesses front and rear

Additionally available
• Protective films for headlights and edges

Put together your individual protection package

Ask us to put together an individual protection package for your Volvo.